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Amazon Prime Day & You – Why 3rd Party Sellers Should Care

14 June 2017

By Ethan Morgan


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“How important is Prime Day for sellers? At No1Brands4You, we put through the Volo platform 10 times the amount of any other day on Amazon in 2016 so far.”

Martin McEwing, eCommerce Manager, No1Brands4You 

amazon echo box.jpg

Prime Day is a strange ecommerce peak time, as it’s the most obviously artificial of the busy shopping days. This has led to a perception that it’s purely for Amazon’s benefit – more specifically, that it is all about Amazon Retail and the thousands of Fire sticks, Kindles and Echo devices it sells.

But that’s not entirely true. Amazon Prime Day sees a huge amount of traffic flood to the site, which naturally benefits anyone selling there, including 3rd party merchants.

We’ve put together an infographic breakdown of the main numbers, so that you can see just how big Prime Day is.

If you were around in 2016 for Prime Day, you’ll probably have seen at least some boost in sales through Amazon. However, many merchants leave money on the table by failing to prepare for Prime Day. Read our guide for 5 ways to make the most of the opportunity.


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