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FREE eBook: How Apparel Brands are Proactively Protecting Themselves from Rogue Resellers

Learn from those who have taken on the rogue resellers by successfully setting up their own direct to consumer channels.

Customers are calling out for brands to enable them to purchase directly from the brand where possible. BrandShop research indicates 88% of consumers would prefer to do so where the option is available. That gives brands selling direct an advantage over competitors simply by the nature of their presence being branded and official.

For brands looking to stay ahead of their competitive, and retain their brand control online, this ebook is a must read. 
By downloading the ebook you will find out: 

  • The problems currently being faced by apparel brands
  • Why rogue resellers are a cause for concern
  • The opportunities for your brand to get in touch with customers
  • How to retain your brand control by implementing a D2C strategy
  • Examples of brands doing this well, and not so well

Download your FREE copy today: