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How to succeed in the evolving apparel marketplace in 2019

Volo have conducted primary research to help apparel brands understand how 2019 is taking shape, what challenges are being faced and how market leaders are changing and adopting new approaches to compete and win in the market. 

Take a look at how apparel brands can leverage artificial intelligence and central product catalogues to seamlessly create direct-to-consumer strategies using eCommerce marketplaces.

By downloading this report you will find out how to:

  • Transform your current D2C strategy
  • How omni-channel needs to mature
  • Maximise visibility across platforms
  • Control your brand across third party marketplaces
  • Build a strategy that works for your apparel brand

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Revolutionising your apparel retail strategyRevolutionising your apparel retail strategy

Apparel eCommerce is booming. The online fashion and apparel industry is predicted to exceed £555 billion by 2022 — having grown at a compound annual rate of 10.6% since 2017. As smartphones gain penetration across the globe, these numbers are only likely to accelerate. Businesses need to invest and adapt or else they risk being left behind.  In this report, learn what challenges are facing apparel retailers in 2019 and how they adapt and overcome these challenges using direct to consumer strategies.

About Volo

Volo is for retail, revolutionised. Our AI takes data from throughout the apparel commerce ecosystem and learns what works, understands what happened, and predicts what will happen. Then it tells you what you should do to sell more, connect with more customers, and develop your brand.