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7 fashion retail trends to watch in 2019

12 February 2019

By Ethan Morgan

The new year is no longer quite so new but it’s as important as ever for fashion retailers and apparel brands to have an eye on long-term trends in fashion retail. Staying aware of the changes coming in 2019 for the whole fashion industry helps you stay relevant, avoid pitfalls and better address the needs of your customers. So, here are 7 key trends for fashion retail in 2019.

Services, mixed use spaces and store rejuvenations

As footfall declined for the 14th straight month in January, fashion retailers were slowly waking up to the reality that shoppers are no longer enticed by the offering in their shops and high streets. Clearly, changes and investments need to be made in stores across the country as their value and appeal declines.

Mixed-use spaces are becoming more popular, and we expect to see more retailers taking the approach of Topshop in its Oxford Street flagship, which includes a café, nail parlour and hair salon. These businesses naturally complement each other and make the store a more interesting and useful destination for the young demographic Topshop needs to appeal to.

Rebuilding the value of shops doesn’t have to mean sharing floor space with other businesses, however. In the US, department chain Kohl’s has had success with its strategy of cutting oversized stores down to more appropriate square footage and using data from loyalty programs and ecommerce to assess localised demand. That allowed it to intelligently stock stores with the right merchandise for each region. The store experience doesn’t need a revolution so much as a refresh to remind shoppers of the joy of finding great products.

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