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Walmart Marketplace: The Buyer's Journey

20 September 2017

By Ethan Morgan


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Walmart.com spent 2016 turning around its ecommerce fortunes. It acquired Jet.com, greatly increased the range of products on offer and started ramping up the number of sellers on the marketplace. But what’s it like for buyers to find you on the Walmart marketplace?

The Walmart.com homepage

walmart homepage customer experience


On any given day, the Walmart home page contains a variety of different offers. There can be sponsored products, time-sensitive deals, rollbacks and other promotions. Deals can be a mixture of Walmart's own stock and third party items. As you can see under the “Dare to Compare” product selection, they compare against Amazon's price offering.

Search on Walmart

Just like browsing on Amazon, buyers can use the Walmart taxonomy to filter through the top level categories.

walmart categories buyer journey


The search function suggests results as you type, also like Amazon. 

walmart search results suggestions


You can also browse by category using the All Departments link, like Amazon and eBay. 

category breakdown


Search Results and Walmart

Search results are displayed like this:

walmart marketplace search results page 

It’s important to note a number of points here.


First, products listed employ large images on a white background. Second, Walmart displays the discount the buyer receives and also shows ratings for the item. Furthermore, Walmart has a range of shipping methods – 5 of them – to filter by, like on Amazon.


As a buyer, you can also filter by important category attributes like ‘Age’ for toys, for example.


Walmart.com listing pages

Here’s an example of a listing page for multiple sellers. A Walmart-only listing page looks very similar, except that it points out that the item is fulfilled by Walmart.

marketplace product page

This is how Walmart presents other sellers:

third party sellers display 

That's what a buyer's journey to discovering your products as a third party seller on Walmart looks like. If you want to find out more about Walmart for third party sellers, download our free webcast.


Understanding how to achieve success on Walmart - Download the Webcast

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